Wellsprings of Freedom International

Our church is part of a larger network, called Wellsprings of Freedom International. We are one of their locations here in eastern PA. For more information, please visit their website

Trinity Wellsprings Ministry

  • Do you have difficulty concentrating in worship?
  • Do you lack intimacy with God?
  • Do you experience physical problems?
  • Are you fearful, anxious?
  • Do you feel lonely or rejected?
  • Have you been hurt by someone?
  • Do you need healing - physical or emotional?
  • Do you struggle in your thought-life?


As Christians, we experience salvation in Christ, but some of us need help becoming free from our past. Jesus came to bring us salvation. He also came to make us free - spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally. 

What is Trinity Wellsprings?

We offer 2-3 ministry sessions to people, with each session lasting three hours. This is a time of prayer, with a group of 3-5 people, using their spiritual gifts of discernment and intercession. We spend time in worship, give biblical advice, apply God’s authority and His Word during each session. We do this to help broken and hurting people find freedom from deep emotional wounds, addictions, fears, and oppression. When we experience healing from things in our past, we open ourselves up to a more intimate relationship with Jesus. As we grow in our discipleship, Jesus taught us how to find freedom on our lives by relying on His authority in our life. When we know how to do this, we gain freedom from our enemy, the devil. 

Orientation is required before going through a Trinity Wellsprings session. For more information email Pastor Tammy.

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