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Sermon Notes
What is my next best step to get involved?

So glad you asked! Here are some best next steps to connect with us. . .

  • Welcome Lunch: offered quarterly, after Sunday service. Meet the Pastors, learn about the church and ask questions. Sign-ups will be at the HUB.
  • Growth groups: groups of 10-12 people who meet throughout the week to learn more about growing with Jesus. See current groups offered on our Adult Ministries page. 
  • Discipleship groups: groups of 2-4 people who gather for more in-depth growth in their walk with God. See Pastor Tammy for more information.
  • Membership Classes: offered twice a year to understand our church, the Wesleyan denomination, your spiritual gifts, and how to get plugged into church. Sign-ups will be at the HUB.
How do I stay informed?
  • The HUB: Each Sunday, in the foyer, we have someone at the HUB to answer your questions - in person! You will also see a table with all the sign-ups for the month where you can get information and be part of what's going on at Trinity.
  • Trinity Times: Our monthly newsletter at Trinity. Pick one up at the HUB
  • Church app: download Church Center on your phone. This will give you calendar events, group-sign-ups, giving information and show when you are scheduled to serve at Trinity.
  • Church weekly email: If not subscribed, email and ask to be added. 
  • YouVersion: not only can you read the Bible on your phone, you can also do daily devotionals and learn more about God. We also have our sermon notes here each week and Bible reading plans. 
  • Facebook and Instagram (trinitywesallentown): Stay up to date on social media with our upcoming events
Any other ways to stay connected?

We believe there is a reason God brought you to our site. Maybe you are struggling to find answers or meaning in your life. Maybe you are looking for hope or need a community to give you extra support right now. Perhaps your life is full of success but you feel empty inside. Or perhaps you are looking to connect back into community with your family. We hope you consider joining us. 

Here at Trinity, we have a mission to reach the Lehigh Valley with the love of Jesus Christ. We believe in living out our faith with a purpose. 

Our services are upbeat and energetic because we are excited about what God is doing in our lives. We believe in a full life that comes from knowing and following Jesus, and we can’t wait to see what He does in you!

I'm New: What to expect
What is a typical service like?

Our service is typically around 75 minutes. The music is energetic, and our worship is authentic and God-focused. The messages are practical and easy to apply to all walks of life. Feel free to stop and get a (free) cup of coffee in our foyer before you enter the sanctuary.

What should I wear?

Please come in whatever is comfortable to you. We have a relaxed atmosphere and casual style.

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